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IMBA endorses MTB trails. Quotes from the audit for trailbuilders Mountain Bike Track Services by Nicholas Bowman, International Mountainbike Assoc. Australia.

The new trail network at Nowa Nowa, at the foot of Mt Nowa Nowa in East Gippsland, has been well designed and subsequently constructed with great care and dedication to environmental sustainability as well as the enjoyment and safety of current and future trail users.
The use of super-elevated corners (cambered) on the faster trails will help to ensure trail sustainability and ultimately will ensure minimal maintenance requirements. The result of this effort and attention to detail is a fantastic trail network that is appropriate for tourism, especially inexperienced riders, local school groups and families on holiday.
Track 2 - It is clear to see that this trail has become the favourite descent in the trail network and with good reason. The flowing corners and log roll over features provide a safe, but extremely enjoyable descent for a broad range of MTB riders. For this reason, this trail showcases the best that the area has for MTB trail development. It is a world class trail that provides a very good introduction to MTB on single track.

Pictures of the Opening of the Mountain Bike, dual purpose and the BMX tracks - April 10th, 2010

East Gippsland Shire Mayor, Local State Parliament member, Craig Ingram and the Nowa Nowa Community Development group applaud the opening of the trail network and BMX track.

Gippsland Mountain Bike club held a pigs poker race that was enjoyed by all ages. The prize was a new mountain bike that was won by local lad, pictured below.The club are involved in social events around mtb and have lots of fun, so if you want to get involved or keep up with their events calendar.